“A Musical Handbook”

Owner and Executive Director: Gail MH Boyer

Offering: Little Music Makers:  Thursdays 11:00 AMat the Gastonia Location (Little music makers is a babies and toddlers early Suzuki class ages 0 to 3 years old for mom and baby)

Suzuki violin and piano lessons: ages 3 and up

What is the Suzuki method? A little about hte Suzuki method: Dr. Suzuki created his teaching method based on this amazing fact…  All children learn to speak before they learn to read.  He began to teach young children in very small seps with the support of a parent partner and review of learning techniques.

This method incorporates these ideas:

  1. Listening to the great “Masters” ie. Bach, Beethoven and Mozart develops tone and strengthens ear training.
  2. Small children can learn when they have a parent support system.  They learn in small steps and review all the concepts regulary.  Parents can join thethousands of parents who are “Parents as partners” (found on the Suzuki website)
  3. Motivation for practicing and laying comes from playing with others and hearing others play.
  4. Review of all the pieces builds technique.
  5. Listening to the pieces played by a great artist prepares the student to learn the pieces easily.

Welcome to Music Makers Today Suzuki violin program! Music Makers is a professional studio for students who are wanting to study the violin in a consistent and dedicated manor

  • Private lessons are provided for beginners ages 4 and up for 30 minutes
  • Private lessons for ages 9 and up are 45 minutes.  New families who have three year olds may enroll in our Suzuki Little Music Makers (Baby and Toddlers Suzuki pre learning classes – Ages 0 to 3 years old)
  • Parents are required to attend all lessons and record or take notes enabling them to be the home teacher and eventually the cheerleader and coach for their child.  Parents are required to download the Suzuki CD from I Tunes into our Ipad for the book your child is studying.  This is essential to daily practice.  In addition to the materials listed in the materials section of the handbook, the Suzuki Books must be downloaded from I Tunes onto your Ipad or tablet.  This is essential to your child’s preacice each day.  Children may also listen to the pieces in the car and at bedtime.

Listening is the key element to a child’s learning the pieces and developing a good tone. Suzuki says “Beautiful tone…Beautiful heart”