Dr. Suzuki Quote:

“Only practice on the days you eat”.

Mastery of a musical instrument requires consistent practice over many years.  Students learn best when they have lessons with a qualified instructor weekly, and practice every day.  Students will automatically enjoy their lessons when they have practiced and are ready for their lesson.

Families need a consistent practice time each day. (the child should be able to answer their teacher’s question … When do you practice, and where do you practice.

Please set up a practice area for your child.

How to set up a practice area:

  • Good Lighting
  • Separate area
  • Clock (put where you can see it as you practice)
  • Solid music stand (Massanet)
  • CD Player
  • Good hand held metronome.  (Seiko model SQSOV)
  • Lessons book and bag
  • Small table to set their violin case on
  • Piano students need a proper instrument * see piano